Hevajra Root Tantra (BUM-CHUNG NYIMA)

His Holiness has been working on a unique commentary on the Hevajra Root Tantra (BUM-CHUNG NYIMA) for many years and has finally completed and published his work in March 2021.

This rare but precious commentary is compiled by His Holiness based on notes from Marpa (1012-1097), Ngok Shedang Dorje (1090-1166) and Lodro Thaye the Great (1813-1899). Seeing a genuine intention o study BUM-CHUNG NYIMA in Drikung Kagyu’s Rinpoches, Khenpos, Drupons, and Monks in Taiwan, His Holiness bestowed Hevajra Empowerment to them on April 12th and 13th. Beginning on April 14th, His Holiness started a 2-week teaching on the newly completed BUM-CHUNG NYIMA, during which, His Holiness plans to teach 4 hrs per day and leave the rest of time for participants to review and digest his teachings.

Reviving Hevajra transmissions, teachings, and practices of the Marpa-Ngok tradition is a heartfelt aspiration and commitment for His Holiness. He is filled with joy to see that causes and conditions come together for this precious teaching to take place now, in Taichung, Taiwan.