Samtenling Nunnery - Board of Administration

  • Director
  • Disciplinarian Master
  • Chant Master Senior
  • Steward
  • Representative of the Monastery
  • Secretary/Accountant*
  • Advisor*

* Non voting members

The members of the Board of Administration of Drikung Kagyu Samtenling Nunnery meet at least twice a year. New members are nominated by the existing board members who have voting rights and former Directors and Disciplinarians of the nunnery. At the Board meetings important issues regarding the administration of the Nunnery, education, health and other needs of the Nunnery are discussed. If there are requirements to meet more often it is done. The Advisor of the Nunnery chairs the meeting. The Secretary/Accountant also joins the meetings but these two ladies do not vote.


Two nuns, Thupten Wangmo and Samten Dolma (nuns) are trained in First Aid. Should they need assistance there is a trained nurse at Jangchubling for consultations. More serious patients are taken care of by trained physicians. All medical cost is provided by the Drikung Kagyu Medical Fund.

Two nuns, Kunsang and Dolkar attended a yoga course and they in turn taught yoga to the nuns. Now the nuns are encouraged to do yoga for their health. Ms. Tashi Yangdol Tsarong is also teaching the nuns yoga twice a week. She is teaching them as a volunteer. This is not a compulsory course.