Special Prayers

At Jangchubling Monastery the chapel of the Drikung protector deity, Achi Chökyi Dolma, is open for the public and invocation prayers take place in the mornings and evenings by the caretaker of the chapel. On the 9th, 19th and the 29th days of the Tibetan lunar calendar, special Achi invocation prayers take place.

Every year Chakrasamvara Invocation Prayers with the construction of the Mandala of the deity are held lasting twelve days. After the Tibetan New Year there is an invocation of Zambala and Achi, which take a couple of days. In addition the anniversaries of the passing of Milarepa, Marpa and Kyobpa Jigten Sumgön are remembered with prayers and thousands of butter lamps lit in the evenings, while the entire monastery is lit up with small electric bulbs.