Hundred-Thousand Tsok Offering of Mahaguru

Hundred-Thousand Tsok Offering of Mahaguru

At the request of the members of the International Buddhist Research Centre, Taiwan, and Tibetan Walfare Association, Taiwan, His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Thinley Lhundup chaired the Second grand hundred-thousand Tsok Offering of Mahaguru during which many Tulkus, Geshes, Khenpos and nuns coming from different schools of Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan people living in Taiwan were physically present.

While addressing the public, His Holiness put his emphasis on the importance of language. He emphasized that in reality, the central channel of humanity is culture and language is the root of culture. In addition, the entire Buddhist scripture is available in the Tibetan language. Therefore, there is an unshared importance that needs to be carried on by every one of us.

About the Tibetan language, His Holiness instructed the parents, especially those living out of Tibet that being a parent, there are many things to teach their kids in regards to culture, way of living, way of giving respect, spiritual activities, social engagements, and so forth. Of which the most crucial thing is to teach the Tibetan language to their kids at home.

In foreign countries, when parents take their five or six years old kids to pleasure gatherings, the kids themselves take the valuable belongings, but in our society, everything is being performed by the parents. In general, it points out as taking care of their kids, but in the process of raising their kids parents must bring out those methods through which their kids can actively engage in social activities and can move forward on their stand.

Furthermore, His Holiness also made emphasis on the importance of bringing a sense of fraternity, peace, and harmony among Tibetan brothers and sisters.