His Holiness arrives in Lalok Changthang

His Holiness arrives in Lalok Changthang

His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang Thinley Lhundup was welcomed to Lalok-Changthang, the land of the snows,
on 20 May 2022 with a traditional grand reception headed by the Vajra master of Shachukul monastery, Honourable Tashi Namgyal, EC, Honourable Konchok Tenzin, councillor, Ven Konchok Tsephel, nominated councillor, Sh. Konchok Stanzin, Chushul Councillor, Sh. Konchok Phustsok, BDC, the president of Lalok-Buddhist Association, the president of Go green Go Organic, Lalok Tsogpa Leh, and representatives of many minor associations and many faithful devotees.

His Holiness safely reached Lalok-Changthang travelling throughout the Changla-Pass. His Holiness was then warmly welcomed with a grand traditional reception at Nitri Gang(a mansion in which ‘Twenty Thousand verses of Prajaparamita’ is engraved) headed by His Eminence Chosje Togden Rinpoche, many high Lamas of Shachukul monastery and representatives of different associations and thousands of devotees.
Thereafter, His Holiness paid a visit to Tangtse Monastery where a grand mandala was offered to His Holiness by the incharge of monastery and representatives of Tangtse village.
After that, His Holiness took a rest for a night at Tangtse monastery.

On 21 May 2022, at the humble request of the representatives of Tharuk villager, His Holiness paid a visit to Tharuk monastery, took rest a few hours. After having lunch there, His Holiness was warmly welcomed to Shargon Phuntsog Chosling-the main seat of Drikung Kagyu in Lalok-Changthang, by all the monks headed by His Eminence Chosje Togdan Rinpoche, Drupons, Tulkus, Khenpos, Vajra master and all the faithful devotees of Lalok-Changthang with lining up in a row in traditional attires with holding traditional scarfs, fragrant incense and fragrant flowers.
His Holiness then assumed his golden throne at Shachukul Monastery. A grand mandala was offered to His Holiness by Shachukul monastery and a short prayer was performed at the main temple. After that His Holiness went to his private residence.

Bavatu Sabba Mangalam!

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