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IMG 6195As the year 2019 came to an end, His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang remembered the Taiwanese friends who have long supported and sponsored the vast Dharma activities in the past, and specially held a thanksgiving dinner.For decades of years, His Holiness has personally put in a great effort in establishing and expanding the Drikung Kagyu lineage overseas. Despite the difficulties of life,

His Holiness was determined in putting the establishment of the Buddhist institute as his foremost priority. His Holiness recounted that when he was in the United States for 3 years and in Ladakh for 7 to 8 years, he constantly kept in mind the wish to establish the Buddhist institute. Among all the support and sponsorship received, the Dharma friends in Taiwan has helped greatly in the time of need to fulfil this aspiration.In 1979, 

IMG 6192when His Holiness was studying and practising in Ladakh, in view that various monasteries were more into holding ritualised and prayer form of Buddhism, His Holiness had wished to preserve the imparting of Dharma knowledge and establish a Buddhist institute of learning similar to the Drikung Sun-ray Garden Buddhist Institute (Nyi-chang Shedra) to nurture ardent Buddhist followers. During that time, there were financial difficulties and finding financial support was not easy. A month before His Holiness went into retreat and during a White Tara Grand Prayer, a piece of 80 acres of land was received from Phyang Monastery, and hence, the first amount of funds was received to establish Drikung Kagyu Institute Jangchubling. After His Holiness completed his retreat, IMG 6190His Holiness started his building and expanding plans. It took 7 years to complete and formally establish the Buddhist institute. After the enrolment of ten monastic students in the first year to start a Dharma course, there was a food shortage crisis halfway through. Fortunately, the parents of the students came forth to sponsor the meals.In 1986, His Holiness started to travel overseas to propagate the Dharma. His Holiness first arrived in Taiwan in 1987. A lay disciple by the name of Ma Bu Fang helped to establish the first Drikung Dharma centre in Taiwan. Later, due to the invitation from the China Buddhist Association (Taichung Ksitigarbha Monastery), IMG 6191 2His Holiness forged a vast Dharmic connection with the disciples in Taiwan from then on and received the generous support from various Dharma friends, which helped in growing the Buddhist Institute from strength to strength.In appreciation of the long-time support received from the Taiwanese Dharma friends for His Holiness' Dharma activities, special gratitude certificates were prepared to thank the many great sponsors of Jangchubling (Drikung Kagyu Institute) and the Great Shravasti Buddhist Cultural Assembly today.In the upcoming new year, His Holiness wishes everyone good health and auspiciousness.





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